Bernhard RUDIGER, Ainsi va la vie...(2008). Place Mérieux (Lyon)

France (Lyon)

© marianne homiridis

In his project called: “Ainsi va la vie”, artist Bernhard Rudiger has been inspired by a large development including two large apartment dwellings that was built in 1949 and destroyed in 2004 and replaced by a smaller complex. At the center of the new buildings, the artist has installed a model of the old residence at the scale of 1/20.This cast iron maquette is 5 meters long and 2 meters high, and in its middle the artist has located two street lights with five and seven branches.
The hollow scale model has a special night lighting that seems to glow through the openings. The old building seems to come alive at the heart of the new residence as if to tell its story.


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