Jean-Luc VILMOUTH, Bar des Plantes / The Plant Bar (2005). Strasbourg (France)

France (Strasbourg)

© jean-luc vilmouth

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Le Bar des Plantes (The Plant Bar), located at a stop on tramway line B (Place Saint-Pierre-Le-Vieux), functions like a greenhouse. Its oval space is delimited by a stainless steel and glass domed structure 6 meters high and 5 meters in diameter.
Encircling the perimeter of the greenhouse is a concrete shelf designed to support potted plants, which also functions as a fountain. A curtain of water falls around the structure from the outer edge of the shelf, like a ring. A gutter collects the running water into a drain underground, where it is recycled into the continuous movement of the fountain's system.

Umbrella-like panels positioned above the glass dome can be opened or closed to protect the plants from excessive sunlight in the event of a heat wave.

At night, a green sphere illuminates the structure's interior, evoking the image of the moon's reflection upon the leaves of the plants.

The greenhouse is a functional and operational space for displaying, stocking and selling plants. The florist appointed to manage the space is responsible for its regular maintenance and the quality of its general presentation.


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