Ludger GERDES, Rond-point de la place Ernest Granier (2000). Montpellier (France)
France (Montpellier)

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Ludger Gerdes’ work occupies the central circle of the roundabout located at Place Ernest Granier, near the Port-Marianne tramway station. A series of steel poles eight meters high, interconnected by vertically-oriented rectangular panels of sheet metal, form an open arena on the circle’s circumference. The upper panels have been lacquered red; printed in white lettering at the bottom of every third panel is a short poem that evokes impressions of the sea. On the lower half, lacquered blue, an image of a white boat is repeated every third panel. The panels have been staggered to form an open checkerboard pattern, allowing the trees and buildings that surround the area to be seen through the structure. The work’s flag-like forms, patriotic colors and maritime motifs can be interpreted as symbolic references to the location of Port-Marianne. Two segments, diametrically opposite from one another, have been left open to allow the tramway to pass through the circle. The work is thus visible to tram passengers and motorists, from within and without.

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