Jean-Pierre MORIN, Temps d'arrêt (2006)
Canada (Montreal)

© michel dubreuil, 2006

As the title indicates, Jean-Pierre Morin’s work celebrates this place’s vocation. Parc Molson, located in the heart of the residential Rosemount neighbourhood, is a place for gathering, for leisure, relaxation and games. What is more, the sculpture gives citizens a moment of rest, a pause or a “temps d’arrêt.”

The five-metre high work is composed of two parts. The first, of Corten steel, acts as a pedestal, opening onto four sides to recall the park’s configuration, which is traversed by a street. A combination of welded aluminium pipes makes up the work’s second part. In its form and material, the placement of Temps d’arrêt is a contrast to the park’s natural elements, and draws the attention of passersby.

The sculpture is distinct in its show of energy. The configuration of aluminium pipes expresses the idea of movement: the viewer’s gaze travels across the work’s alternately empty and solid spaces, while the material reflects the light. For the artist, everything in the work converges towards a dynamics that recalls geophysical energies: “As in certain areas of the planet where telluric forces come into play, I wanted to introduce a space in a public park where visitors, passers-by or strollers could stop and pause…”

Jean-Pierre Morin. Temps d’arrêt, 2006.
Collection Ville de Montréal
Location: Parc Molson, Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie Borough.

Photos: Michel Dubreuil, 2006.

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