Martijn SANDBERG, Morgen Komt Alles Goed (2013). Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Pays-Bas / The Netherlands (Amsterdam)

© martijn sandberg

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A rectangular paved artwork by Martijn Sandberg, is located in the middle of the new square Kraaipan plein at the Hofmeyrstraat in the Transvaalbuurt, Amsterdam.
Lines of paving stones delineate a text in the paving. A hidden message to the square's visitors, neighbourhood residents and passers-by. Over and over again when seeing it anew, every day, today, and forever: Morgen Komt Alles Goed ('Tomorrow everything will be alright').

The message 'Morgen Komt Alles Goed'(Tomorrow everything will be alright) emerges from the pattern of the paving stones, depending on the position and the angle of vision from which one looks at the figuration in the paved artwork: while walking over the square, from the corners on the street side and the Kraaipan School side. But also from above, from the floors of buildings surrounding the square.

Martijn Sandberg, Morgen Komt Alles Goed (2013).
Location: Kraaipan, Hofmeyrstraat, Amsterdam
Measurements: paved artwork (lxw) 27.65m x 8.40m
Material: paving stones
Concept and design: 2012
Construction: 2013
Completion: 2013
Commissioned by: Housing Association Ymere, Amsterdam
Architect: Architectenbureau Hoogeveen, Amstelveen
Also funded by: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Amsterdam

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