Giny VOS, Possibility Plant (2014). Groningen (The Netherlands)
The Netherlands (Groningen)


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The artwork Possibility Plant was made by Giny Vos for the Dutch Government Building Agency. It is located in front of the new building in Groningen of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration, and the Education executive agency. Possibility Plant is a cube that is visible above ground on the square in front of the entrance as well as underground in the parking lot near the elevators. Above ground, light shines through organic shaped slits, making the viewer aware that something is happening inside the box. Underground the cube comes through the ceiling, and when standing under it the viewer can look up and see a complex system of tubes, wires and lighting. From the big tubes colorful light slowly drips onto the floor.

The square cube of Possibility Plant is a pleasant contrast to the smooth and flowing design of the building, called the Kempkensberg Building and designed by the architects of UNStudio. The colorful Possibility Plant also offers an alternative view of tax administration. Where most view it with adversity, Power Plant intends to show the beauty of this complex tax system that lets us build roads and bridges, and disperse student loans and social security.

Possibility Plant cube measures 4,30 meters in all dimensions. 1,40 meters rise above ground, making it a beacon of light on the square. Underground in the parking lot Possibility Plant functions as a mark pointing to the location of the elevators. The inside of the cube is a network of steel, aluminum and a micro­processor. The work was carried out by Edobode, Ruut Evers, Yens & Yens, Bram Verhavert, Bart­Jan Hooft, and Ricky Broekhoven.

Giny Vos works with large­ scale installations in the public space. She makes use of light and new media. Taking the specific place as her starting point, Vos creates images that make aspects or processes visible within the environment that would otherwise go unnoticed. Processes are just as important as physical aspects, and are reflected in the use of movement, light and digital displays. In this way, Vos ­ literally and figuratively ­ reveals the given situation in a different light, leading to the creation of a new situation, but without obscuring the existing one.

Giny Vos, Possibility Plant (2014). Kempkensberg Building, Groningen (The Netherlands)


Photo 1: Ronald Tilleman
Photo 2 and 3 : Harry Cock

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