Thorsten GOLDBERG, 53°30’N . Edmonton (Canada)
Canada (Edmonton)

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Thorsten Goldberg’s 53º20 – 40’N is the selected artwork for Edmonton’s North East Transit Garage. The work will be mounted on the lanterns crowning the building.
53º20 – 40’N is a collection of topographic models of mountain-landscapes from different parts of the world, which are on the same latitude as Edmonton. In his concept, Goldberg describes a journey to “undiscovered” locations – “by strictly following the path of a latitude in a westerly direction, I refer to the popular game of spinning a globe—or these days a digital on-screen earth—and waiting excitedly to see which location the finger or cursor will point to when the globe stops.”

The artwork was selected following a two-stage process by a committee of community representatives, architects, artists, City of Edmonton personnel, and project team members. Six artists were shortlisted and their proposals were shared with the public via online survey. More than 3,300 Edmontonians responded to concepts by Goldberg, Cecil Balmond, Jacek Jarnuskiewicz, Ned Kahn, Albert Paley, and realities:united.
53º20 – 40’N received positive comments from many participants, who enjoyed the connection

Goldberg created between Edmonton and the world. Comments such as “Thorsten Goldberg´s artwork is really exciting because it is based on a playful idea on one hand, and it creates a link between Edmonton and the world on the other” were common, with one commenter stating that “Northern cities are often dismissed as "isolated," but this piece connects us to other beautiful northern cities across the world. It reminds us of our city's geographical location - a small but special spot on a vast globe - and it pushes us to think beyond what we immediately see.”

Generated by the City of Edmonton policy, Percent for Art to Provide and Encourage Art in Public Areas, this commission is the largest to date in Edmonton. Katherine Kerr, Public Art Director for the Edmonton Arts Council, says, “Working with this commission, it became clear we needed to invite Edmontonians to participate in the process. The overwhelmingly thoughtful, positive, and enthusiastic responses were exciting to read because they enriched and informed the selection process. The result is an artwork that celebrates Edmonton as a world city, and our continual forward motion as a centre for collaboration, discovery and exploration.”

The respondent feedback was used to supplement the selection committee decision, with comments provided for review prior to the meeting, along with briefing materials regarding design, budget, scheduling, feasibility, and engineering.

5 topo­graphic models of mountain-landscapes, each ca. 680 x 700 cm.
Client: City of Edmonton, Edmonton Arts Council.
Concept 2015
Planned completion 2017.

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