Martin & Inge RIEBEEK, Poetry Pavilion (2012). Schiedam (The Netherlands)
Pays-Bas / The Netherlands (Schiedam)

© riebeek

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A monument for the encounter, on the square in front of Schiedam's train station.

The spot, is a place where many people pass each day. Arriving or leaving, or picking people up who've just arrived.
With the Poetry Pavilion,people do not just pass anymore.
They stop and read the constantly changing texts on the display, or they enter the interactive Pavilion;
If there is no one in the art work, there is an inviting white text on the display for the passers-by.
If someone enters the gazebo then there appears a pink poetic text. And for half a minute a water-curtain that surrounds the Pavilion falls, which reduces the view of the visitors in the gazebo, creating somewhat privacy for the visitor.
We wanted to create a place for a special encounter on a unique spot in a serene atmosphere.
The first encounters that take place here, we wanted to make even more impressive than a first encounter usually already is.
It's bound to become 'the' place to meet. The first day it was installed already a bride and broom chose the Poetry Pavilion for their photoshoot.

The project was commissioned by the Municipality of Schiedam

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