Kees VERSCHUREN, Sjatoodoo/Sjatoodwassoo (1989). Rotterdam
Pays-Bas (Rotterdam)

© kees verschuren

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The work visualizes the reconstruction of the city of Rotterdam with the theme House of the Water/ House of the Bird - referring to Phoenix rising out of its ashes near the river Maas. Complexity was sought after: the work combines the arts of painting - sculpture - architecture as a visually rich cultural statement within a megalomaniac technological environment - from some distance it shows as a strong construction like so many objects in the world's largest harbour. Close by and inside the sculpture different qualities of inner-space are revealed, where the sound of 6 vertical water beams resonates within the peach-coloured steel constructions, and 20 stairs take you down - amidst rushing waters - to the lake where come to a rest and history seems to stabilize on the surface.
Materials: coated steel, coloured concrete, water. Size: 11,5/9,5 m high, 8/6 m width, 3,5/2,5 deep, total length 22 m.

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