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Online Resource for information and documentation dedicated to public art provides access to a vast field of information about contemporary public art and its current      developments throughout the world.
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The online library provides access to the largest, up-to-date resource of information on contemporary public art throughout the world.

Thorsten Goldberg, 53°20 - 40'N (2016).
Edmonton (Canada)

Public Art
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online library :
The library consists of a collection of entries organized by subject, such as location (city, region) or theme (e.g., commemorative monuments, roundabouts, stained-glass windows…).
Each subject entry features articles on representative works of art, including commentary and color photo illustrations.
The library is accessible through annual membership at a nominal fee.

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Book: L'art public contemporain - Toute une histoire (1970-2020) by Hervé-Armand BECHY


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